Our Story

Our story began in 1997 as a mission to improve the health of women in our local community.

Backed by 17 years experience, we are the recognized leader in marketing health and wellness to women.

What began as an innovative outreach program at a hospital in Northeastern Pennsylvania has now evolved into a comprehensive, market-ready program with an exclusive hospital partnerships in more than 100 markets coast to coast — encompassing more than 25% of the U.S. healthcare market.

Our Spirit of Women hospitals recognize women as the primary healthcare consumer and decision maker. We are the only network of hospitals dedicated solely to harnessing the impact and influence of women over their entire families to improve hospital clinical and financial outcomes.

We build hospital business by uniting women:

  • behind your brand
  • around a common cause
  • to take action for her health
  • to improve family health
  • for the promise of a healthy community

The evolving healthcare challenges of tomorrow require a fresh approach to care delivery and greater focus on wellness and prevention – today.

Spirit of Women is dedicated to helping hospitals both prepare for and profit in the changing world of health care.

Why Women?

Women are the most important consumer demographic in terms of healthcare services and spending nationwide. Spirit of Women is the only network of hospitals dedicated to improving both hospital financial outcomes and community health status through the powerful impact of women as the primary healthcare consumer.

  • Women make 80% of healthcare decisions in the U.S.
  • Women control 66% of U.S. healthcare spending and 87% of average health system revenue.
  • Women account for 60% of hospital volumes and represent over 1.3 billion cases nationally in inpatient and outpatient care – generating an estimated $200 billion toward hospital bottom lines.*

As part of Spirit of Women — the only national network of hospitals dedicated exclusively to harnessing the power of this demographic — you will improve both hospital financial outcomes and the health of your community.

Let Spirit be a part of your story.

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