Physician Engagement

You already know that a healthy and sustained relationship between a hospital, its patients and its physician community is vital to both clinical and business success.

Consider us relationship experts.

Engaged patients display better clinical outcomes and higher degrees of loyalty.  There is a direct relationship between engaged physicians and engaged patients.

Spirit provides all the tools and guidance you’ll need to identify and creatively work with physicians – helping to build their practices and grow your business.  Physicians are pivotal members of your patient engagement team and are provided with both the opportunities to engage directly with your consumers and the turnkey tools and messaging to make it easy.

Physicians directly benefit from participation in your Spirit of Women program:

  • It’s Easy! –  Physicians are directly engaged with patients (and potential patients!) with fully vetted and sourced clinical content provided in a consumer friendly package
  • Enhanced Visibility – Physicians are front and center promoting clinical expertise, quality and access
  • New Patient Volume – providing consumers with specific physician-led communication naturally grows both new and returning patient volume
  • Competitive Advantage – in the world of Population Health Management, competition for consumer attention is fierce.  Spirit’s pre-packaged physician-centric communications help physicians stand out in the crowd
  • Positioning – member physicians are positioned in the community as advocates for women’s health initiatives and are on the front lines of Spirit of Women programming.
  • Credibility – physicians are offered as local experts across multiple media in addition to providing seminars and opportunities to participate in national publications.

Participating physicians recognize Spirit of Women as an opportunity for increasing diagnostic and procedural referrals and for promoting products and services that focus on women, the key consumers and healthcare decision-makers in U.S. households.

Spirit makes it simple.

Strengthen your physician partnerships and improve your bottom line.

Contact us now to engage the physicians in your network.