Why Hospitals Join

Why Join Spirit of Women? It’s simple, really. 

  • To grow your business and prove it
  • To make it easy – not recreate the wheel
  • To stand out in a crowd
  • To get a running start at Population Health Management
  • To benefit your community while aligning your Community Benefit goals.


Hospitals across the country join the Spirit of Women Network to strengthen competitive position and gain market share in their region.

With hospitals in more than 100 markets that have invested in the Spirit of Women enterprise to help grow and track revenues attributable to refreshed niche outreach to women while increasing the number of loyal patients to the hospital brand.

Spirit of Women hospitals report an average first year gross revenue of $4.94 million. What would that revenue mean to your hospital?

But we know that it’s not just about the numbers.

At Spirit, we believe that women are the lifelines of our families, of our relationships and of our communities. We know that while women make 80% of healthcare decisions for their loved ones, they often push themselves too hard, and forget to care for themselves.

At Spirit, we help you create meaningful experiences for the women in your community. We know that the right messaging and programs can get women excited about their health and bodies.

When a hospital changes the way a woman views her health and the health of her family, you’re succeeding.